STUDIO CTT Carissa Ten Tije +31 6 13 56 51 81
instagram info 1993 - Born in Markham, Canada After graduating the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2019, I started Studio CTT, a design studio that focusses on social design and ceramics. When I first wanted to become a designer, it was because everything around us, everything you see, has been thought about and designed. And I wanted to be a part of that. But now to me design goes much further than only what you can see. It’s hidden in a feeling, in interactions and systems. As a designer I feel a responsibility towards my surroundings. There is always room for improvement. I think it’s important to stay curious and always critically question and reflect on my process. I embrace all aspects of design. All perspectives overlap and coalesce. There isn’t just one way. Everyone has their own strengths and she believes working together is the best way to achieve great results. My strengths lie in fast problem solving, material research, ceramics and social involvement. I enjoy working together, combining perspectives, skills and techniques and exchanging knowledge. I strongly believe design is the bridge that can connect everything and everyone. 2015 - Graduated as spatial designer at Cibap College for Imagination 2015 - Nominated as 'Student Of The Year' at Cibap College for Imagination 2018 - Completed exchange programme at Plymouth College of Art 2019 - Graduated The Design Academy Eindhoven department: Man & Activity 2019 - Nominated for The Design Academy 'René Smeets Award' 2019 - Dutch Design Week 2019 with 'Bottom Ash' at the GS'19 2019 - Dutch Design Week 2019 with 'Bottom Ash' at the Embassy Of Sustainable Design 2019 - Dutch Design Week 2019 with 'RICA' at Klokgebouw 2018 - Ocean Studios Plymouth with 'PIGS' 2017 - Salone del Mobile with 'PUMP. PUNKT. Urban Mobility Project'